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4 Things To Expect From An Office Cleaner

Having your office looking great and feeling clean is going to have a massive impact on how your employees feel and how they work. So there is no questioning that you should be laying down some expectations when it comes to your office company and cleaner. But what you should be expecting from an office cleaner? We ran a few tests – and conduct a few trials – to see what you should be expecting when you’re letting in someone into your office to give it the wipedown.

Your Office To Remain Spotless

Firstly, the main thing you want from commercial office cleaners is that they clean your office and leave it spotless! You don’t want to turn up and find the office is dirty. You want to turn up to see that the office is cleaned to perfection. That is the first – and most important – thing to expect when it comes to hiring an office cleaner.

Consistent Every Time

How your office looks and feels is going to have a massive impact on your employees, yourself and your future clients. So when it comes to getting commercial cleaning services in Melbourne, you want the consistent cleaning schedule every time. There is no questioning that you should be looking to have service that is going to be consistent each time. You therefore know that you’re getting value for money, as well as getting the service you want.

The Bathroom Is Cleaned

You will be surprised at how often bathrooms are not cleaned when it comes to office cleaning. For some businesses, it is considered an ‘additional’ room, and won’t do it. Or if they do, will ask for an extra fee. You should expect it to be cleaned as the bathroom is technically part of the office. Keep your eye on the bathroom at all times and ensure that it is in top condition so that everyone can safely use it when they want to.

They’re Friendly

You want people that are going to be friendly to you. There is nothing worse than having cleaners that are not friendly, mean or downright grumpy to be there. The same applies to their bosses and the owner. Are you going to deal with someone that doesn’t treat you right even though you are paying them what they asked? Customer service is important, so whether you are looking for  commercial cleaning services in Hallam or throughout Melbourne, keep an eye on the customer service.

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